Earth Building UK

Raising awareness of earth as a building material.

Earth Building UK is a charity membership organisation for people interested in earth building.

We bring together builders, academics, researchers, architects, engineers, manufacturers and many more to work in areas of common interest at a national and local level.

Our aims are to:

Conservation: to promote the recognition, understanding and cultural significance of vernacular earth buildings in the U.K. Promote the appropriate repair and maintenance by owners of earth buildings.

The Knowledge Base: to promote research into and the development of technical understanding of earthen materials, especially for practical applications in conservation and new earth construction techniques.

Skills: to foster the traditional skills base and promote the expansion of the skills base and the development of new techniques.

Networking: to represent earth building interests as an authoritative national body, fostering links to other relevant organisations, both within the U.K. and internationally. To promote the development and dissemination of guidance on earth building. Foster networking between members.

New Build: to promote earth building in contemporary construction, through the development of new innovative products and techniques. To work towards the development of appropriate standards and testing methods.

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