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  • Raising awareness of earth as a building material
    Earth Building UK & Ireland is a charity membership organisation for people interested in earth building.
    We bring together builders, academics, researchers, architects, engineers, manufacturers and many more to work in areas of common interest at a national and local level.
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  • Our Aims are to:

    Conservation: to promote the recognition, understanding and cultural significance of vernacular earth buildings

    The Knowledge Base: to promote research into and the development of technical understanding of earthen materials, especially for practical applications in conservation and new earth construction techniques.

    Skills: to foster the traditional skills base and promote the expansion of the skills base and the development of new techniques.

    Networking: to represent earth building interests as an authoritative national body, fostering links to other relevant organisations, both within the U.K. and internationally.

    New Build: to promote earth building in contemporary construction, through the development of new innovative products and techniques. To work towards the development of appropriate standards and testing methods.

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